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Hi everyone,

I am currently beginning applications for the academic year 2016/2016, and I'm having a bit of trouble with the phrasing of most of the universities' websites.

Most universities state that you must be ordinarily resident in the UK/EU for three years prior to beginning the course. This seems straightforward, but I currently live abroad and will do until 2016 (a total of 2 years). However, as I am not a permanent resident of this country, nor am I ordinarily resident here, so my permanent and ordinary address (at least for taxation) is in the EU.

Perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part, but as I see it I still stand as an EU student. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or have any further insight? All help is much appreciated!
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If your visas have only been temporary (employment-only or tourist) and you've continued paying tax in your home country, then you might be in with a shout.

A mate of mine maintained the UK as his ordinary residence whilst working in the Far East for fifteen years. He also did things like: Coming back to this country at least once a year and visiting his dentist to maintain the dentist registration, remaining registered with a UK GP, having savings and bank accounts in this country from which he paid tax on the interest, making voluntary National Insurance payments.

So it is possible to prove ordinary residence if you've been spending time abroad, but it can get quite involved and might be difficult if you're trying to do it in retrospect rather than planning for it.

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