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I'm in my second year of A levels studying Biology, Psychology and English Literature. I got BBA in the subjects above at AS, with a D in chemistry (I'm resitting AS chemistry this year with an estimated A/B). I'm estimated A for biology, A/B for psychology and A* for English literature.

]I wanted to apply for medicine (I got 725 on my UKCAT) but my grades were hopeless so I applied for neuroscience and received offers only from Queen Mary and Keele. Initially I was okay with them but I know that's settling for less, I can do better... I screwed up my AS year because of personal reasons, my depression had come back and my antidepressants were switched right near exam time, it took a long time for me to adjust to them - I've been in poor physical health and have been in and out of hospital throughout my A2.

I have a few questions:
- is it worth taking a gap year to resit my AS biology and psychology?
- based on my circumstances, if I was to apply for medicine after my gap year would it most likely be rejected? I know most universities refuse three year A levels for competitive courses
- if I was to apply to neuroscience after my gap year would it be more difficult to get in considering the three years I took?
- I've never used my depression as an explanation for anything because I sound completely helpless and I hate that; is that how the universities would view it too?

Please give me any related advice you can, I'm feeling hopeless about myself... My sixth form basically told me in nicer words to get over it and work with what I have, but I know I can do better if it wasn't for this horrible feeling all the time... I hate that mental illness isn't equal to physical, when it's just as destructive
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My advice for now would be to contact unis you could apply to for medicine and for neuroscience and ask them about the chances of uou getting in with your grades and 3 year a levels. I think that's the info you need the most now. Could you defer your neuroscience places to have as a back up?

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