From bleached white hair to brown hair? Watch

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I've been bleaching my hair for over a year now. It's pretty much this colour:

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However, it's getting to be really damaged and I want to quit doing this before it starts to resemble steel wool too much.

My natural hair colour is a sort of mousy brown which I don't really like, but I'd love to have something like this:

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Do you think this is feasible? Is it possible to go from white to brown without it looking like a mess / fading really quickly / becoming even more damaged?

Anyone have any experience with this?
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(Original post by DeadGirlsDance)
I used to bleach my hair and it got really damaged as well. I wasn't white blonde like that, but it was still a light blonde and I did have some parts that were over-processed and very light.

You'll need to do a protein treatment on your hair first otherwise the dye will definitely wash back out. I used this It's meant to be for afro hair but it was the cheapest protein treatment at the time (was £12). My hair felt so much better after I used it and it felt like I had never dyed/bleached my hair before. So I would recommend using something similar, and maybe do the treatment twice since your hair is so light.

I still wanted to keep a bit of my blonde hair so I dyed the top sections (the most damaged parts) to make it into a kind of ombre style. You can obviously take the dye a bit further down if you want it more like the photo.

The dye has faded a little bit and it's a bit lighter, but it hasn't faded completely or gone into a muddy brown colour.

My hair feels so much better just from dyeing it brown and there's no root growth to worry about! Don't worry too much about the quality of your hair right now dye it brown and then do lots of deep conditioning treatments and use oils on your hair and it will start to feel better very quickly.

Before and after so you can see what I went from (I know the ombre doesn't look perfect but whatever :lol: my hair isn't snapping off anymore so I don't care).
This is me after about 7-8 months worth of bleaching/doing the roots every month.
This is what it looked like a day or two after I dyed it. In my avatar picture you can see that the hair dye fading wasn't necessarily a bad thing as the colours blend together more now in the section where I put the hair dye on thinly.
Thanks, that's really helpful!

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