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So I live in Birmingham and plan to go to BCU, of course this is in the same city. It would take about 40-50 minutes by bus, and about 30 minutes by car. My estimated student loan is awful, it definitely would not cover the accommodation fees. I do work, but I want to have money to be able to spend on myself and also my hours will be cut once I go to uni, this would be impossible if I moved into halls. But I REALLY REALLY want to move out, I cannot stand living at home, I get treated like a kid and don't really get on well with my parents. My parents will not help me out financially and I don't know what to do.

I know there's not much a can do, but I just know I'm going to miss out on so much because I've stayed at home. Okay, so I'd be able to insure a car and buy clothes and all that, but I really want the 'student lifestyle' and it's so frustrating.

Anyone who stayed at home, what was your experience?
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how did this go for you i'm in the same situation, but i'm getting to the point where I can't bear my parents??
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