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How is jealousy displayed and developed in othello and the laboratory?
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I haven't read Othello but the laboratory:
The use of pronouns creates a sense of jealousy
'He is with her, and they know that I know
Where they are, what they do: they believe my tears flow
While they laugh, laugh at me'
The use of he and her shows that the speaker's lover has gone off with someone new, 'her', hence why the speaker's 'tears flow'. The use of the collective pronoun 'they' and repetition of which against the personal, singular pronoun 'I' shows how the speaker is alone and jealous of the relationship of the woman and her ex lover.
The use of exclamation marks shows that the speaker is angry and interested in revenge - highlighted through the making of the poison. Despite the use of the exclamation marks showing the speaker's annoyance and agravation, she says 'I am not in haste', which suggests that she is enjoying the thought of killing the two lovers as punishment - highlighting the extent of her jealousy and almost sadism.
Browning also uses female names 'Pauline' and 'Elise' which highlight her ex-lover's infidelity and the speaker's jealousy. Equally, Browning lists 'her breast and her arms and her hands', these feminine body parts have sensual connotations and perhaps suggest the speaker is insecure about her own body and has been rendered this way by her ex lover's abandonment which makes her jealous of other women.

'Not that I bid you spare her the pain!
Let death be felt' - here the reader sees the extent of the speaker's jealousy, making her want to make her victim suffer, perhaps to feel the same way she feels as a result of her abandonment.
He is sure to remember her dying face! this shows the speaker is only going to kill the woman not her ex lover, but by doing so she will punish him through loss, just as the speaker felt when she lost him to another woman.

Hope this helps, sorry about Othello

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