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I read somewhere that its impossible for spacecraft to map the surface of Venus because its atmosphere is so thick that nothing along the entire electromagnetic spectrum can adequately penetrate it. That (in theory) includes much of the energy coming from the Sun. UV rays coming from the sun that causes skin cancer to beach dwellers on Earth.

There are a few problems tho:

90 Bar surface pressure. This is the equivelant of being 1 mile under water. The Marianas trench is 7 miles deep (Everest is 5.5 miles high). A manned vehicle has made it to the bottom of this trench. Pressure problem solved....

The surface temperature is 460 degrees, hotter than Mercury: This is a bugger. You wont get skin cancer or sun-burnt, but you will just get burnt. Just wear a space suit and if you want to eat, leave a steak out on the ground for half as long as you would cook it in a cooker on Earth.

Your pint would be above boiling point but it wouldnt evaporate because of the enormous pressure. It would burn your tongue and you would be unable to drink it! You wouldnt have a pint here.


Crappy Atmosphere leaves potential inhabitants exposed to both solar, and interstellar radiation. Perfect recipe for cancers.

If you dont like the Australian outback.......same thing only twice as cold as Antarctica. And the dust storms last longer due to reduced gravity.

Reduced gravity: You grow accustomed to weak gravity. If ever you were to come back to Earth, you wouldn't even have the strength to lift your own willy.

Nowehere to buy a pint.

Where would you rather go if Earth got sodded?
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Forgot to mention:I would choose Venus. It has an extremely stable average temperature. It does have precipitation but none of it ever makes it to the ground due to the heat. This makes weather prediction incredibly accurate. Venus is quite cosy if you buy a space suit with air-con. You can get them off ebay on a 2 for 1 bargain at £1.2 billion pounds Stirling! Or 800 million pounds each.

My ideal place would be Io tho. I would exploit the volcanism generated by Jupiters powerful tidal interactions to produce energy.................but only if I could improve im intellectual capacity. Im thick as 2 turds.

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