What did Adolf Hitler mean by "Jewish material spirit" Watch

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I've been watching and reading some of Adolf Hitlers speeches because it's good to try and understand people and at the end of the day what's good and bad is relative to a certain degree.

He keeps taking about "Jewish material spirit", see quote below. What exactly is this material spirit supposed to be? Is
It saying that a Jew is like a ghost but solid not made of air?

"Through inbreeding for thousands of years, often in small circles, the Jew has been able to preserve his race and his racial characteristics much more successfully than most of the numerous people among whom he lives. As a result we have living amongst our people, an alien race, unwilling and indeed unable to shed its racial characteristics, its particular feelings, thoughts and ambitions and nevertheless enjoying more political rights than we do. And since even the Jews feelings are limited to the material sphere, his thoughts and ambitions are bound to be so even more strongly. The dance round the golden calf becomes a ruthless struggle for all those goods that we feel deep down are not the highest and not the only ones worth striving for on Earth."

"The work of the individual is no longer determined by his character, by the importance of his achievement for the community, but solely by the size of his fortune, his wealth. The greatness of the nation is no longer measured by the sum of its moral and spiritual resources, but only by its material goods."

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