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Just to brief you as it would be impossible to include everything - I'm a young male and have been experiencing severe, constant tiredness (and weakness, getting breathless easily etc) for years. I'm positive it's not depression, I have the desire to do stuff but doing it makes me feel very tired and weak to the point where it becomes difficult to talk. I've had a few blood tests but they always test for the same things and they won't do anything further, this is the first B12 test I've had.

My result is 184 ng/L with the lab range being 130-900.

I know this is within their normal range and I'm no expert but it does seem low. Everything I've been reading suggests that anything below 200-400 can mean you are deficient and with a result of 184 there is a lot of room for improvement, so perhaps this could be why I've been tired all this time. I'm not a vegan or anything either so it shouldn't be because of my diet.

So, can anyone here who has some experience with B12 deficiencies offer some (any) advice before I go back to the doctor? Perhaps you had a similar experience to me where the result was just within the normal range but still showed symptoms until you had treatment etc, I don't know.

I'm just fed up of feeling ill and may finally have an answer so need to arm myself with information haha.
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A result of 184ng/L is normal. You're not deficient.

Assuming you're not anaemic, you have no bowel problems and you're neurologically intact, it doesn't warrant any further action. The temptation here is to pathologise normal blood results because they're in the low end of normal. The only thing that may be worth doing is to repeat it again in a couple of months if you're concerned.

I would be very wary about the sources you use regarding B12 deficiencies. It's one of those areas of medicine that the quacks have sunk their teeth into so there is lots of 'literature' which proposes subclinical deficiencies and lots of other muddy water nonsense (typically advocated by people who wear crystals and have myalgic encephalomyelitis).

Unfortunately, it doesn't provide answers as to why you feel this way which is understandably frustrating.

If you've been given the medical all clear, perhaps the next plan of action would be trying to gradually increase your activity levels over time. This may mean putting off rests/naps for slightly longer each day, restricting your amount of down time gradually and generally forcing yourself out of behaviours which may reinforce these feelings. It's a bit of an uphill battle, but it's a good means of breaking the vicious circle.

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