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Could someone point me in the general direction of an answer for this question?:

Gloria was working in Norfolk and found a house to buy nearby. Her mother, Frances, provided £20,000 for a deposit and the balance of £80,000 was provided by a mortgage in Gloria’s name. Gloria met Henrique on holiday and after a whirlwind romance decided to live together in Gloria’s new house. During the purchase Gloria was short of money and Henrique paid the solicitors fees for her. Henrique moved to Norfolk in June 2000. Henrique thought it would be wonderful to have a home ‘of their own’, saying to Gloria how happy he was to be sharing his life with her. She said he would always ‘have a place in my heart’.
Gloria works as an accountant and supports Henrique whilst he studies for his degree. Whilst studying he builds an extension to the home to provide an extra bedroom for guests and friends. In 2004 Henrique graduates and they agree to open a joint bank account for their ‘household bills’. Gloria pays the larger amount of £400 a month (20% of her salary) as she earns more but Henrique contributes 30% of his salary (£200 a month) to the account, as he is grateful for Gloria’s support in the past. From this account the utility bills and food bills are paid. Gloria has always paid the mortgage.
By 2011 their romance is cooling, Henrique has a new job which takes him on travel for most of the week, returning home to Norfolk only at weekends. Gloria rebukes Henrique, saying he treats the house like a hotel which leads to an argument and Henrique moving out.
Henrique is now seeking a court order for sale and Gloria seeks your advice on any rights he may have.
The word limit is 2000 words – state your word count, including footnotes but excluding bibliography, on the front sheet of your assignment.

Thank you, I really appreciate any help.

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