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Hi there,

I am currently being taught by two English teachers. One for language and one for literature. In the language lessons, we have been going through each question on the exam. Recently, we have been doing question 4, the most evil of questions.

My current language teacher has told us that we need to make points on the tone, genre, audience and purpose in order to get full marks. We've written an answer to a question too, and so far it seems simple enough. All confusion cleared up.

But then we went to English revision with my literature teacher (my "official" teacher, the one I've had since year 10), and went through question 4 with her. She said that if we look at tone, genre, audience and purpose that we will not get any marks. Instead, she said that we need to be looking at the language e.g. similes, metaphors, rhetorical questions etc.

This has confused me immensely.

First, we were told to look for language. Then, we were told tone etc. Now, we are being told tone is totally wrong and language should be looked at instead.

Which is the correct thing to write about? This is worth a lot of marks so it must be done correctly.

Thanks in advance,



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