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If you’re thinking about doing a PGCE and becoming a teacher, then these top tips from Alison Messer, Head of Secondary ITT at the University of Roehampton, are definitely worth a read.

Be punctual and keen: Arrive early on the first day to see how teachers greet pupils and parents, and watch the dynamics. Say yes to all opportunities to try something new; it is better to make mistakes now!

Look professional: Start with clean shoes, shirt, and jacket for men and women, (and a sensible tie for men). Bring Photo ID. Check out what the more formally dressed teachers are wearing and copy them, but remember to keep a change of clothes to hand, if working with younger children or in a lab!

Get to know your mentor and other colleagues quickly: Learn the warning signals though, sometimes your question needs to wait until the marking is done.

Manage your time and commitments: Don’t stay until the caretaker locks you in. Understand deadlines and paperwork to make life easier for your mentor. Keep your digital materials backed up and bring a decent bag to take paperwork home.

Network and share. Find out where you can meet other trainees at the same school as you and keep in contact online with people on the same course who are elsewhere.

Lock down your social media profiles. Remember you’re now a professional so ensure pictures are appropriate.

Observe everything: Follow a single teacher and a pupil for a day to see school from their perspective.

Don’t judge too quickly: Different schools and teachers can give conflicting advice, learn to take the best from everyone. Equally, some pupils may be hard work in lessons, but wonderful outside the usual classroom activities.

Be patient and flexible: The day you arrive is just another day in the life of the school even though everyone is expecting you. Bring food and drink until you know how the staff room and canteen works for visitors.

Don’t leave without collecting contact details: You need to know the protocol telling the school if you are unwell or the car has exploded on the hard shoulder.

Why not come along to our PGCE open day on Wednesday 22 April 2015 and discover Roehampton for yourself. You can book online here: http://www.roehampton.ac.uk/open-days/pgce/booking/
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Are you Roehampton still going by these ten top tips. I have no intention of locking down my media profiles or "dressing like the conservative teachers". I am v. surprised that RU gives this kind of advice.

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