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I graduated from NZ high school and will do management N200 at uni in UK in 2015. At the moment, I have got 4 conditional offers from LSE, exeter, king's and bath.
However, LSE academic requirement is a bit higher than my actual grade Image. So right now it is likely my choice comes down to two unis as my friend told me as an international student for bachelor degree I shouldn't go to London unless I get into LSE.
I am leaning towards university of exeter as it is regarded as the most beautiful uni in UK while provide excellent education in business management. But I need opinions from Uk citizens about my current situation as I may be bias.
1. What would be better choice if my plan is to attend ivy league uni when I graduate from uk uni?
2. How are these three uni reputation regarded in UK? on par with warwick, bristol and durham in business area?
3. What about social life at exeter vs bath?
4. teaching quality
5. I also want to work in Uk for maybe 1-2 years after graduation, which would be better choices among three?
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Bath first choice (one of the tops unis in UK), in priority before Exeter.

Please note than even if your grades doesn't meet your conditional offer, the universities sometimes can accept you if you are close to the requested grade, so don't exclude LSE or Kings
(if we go further in the classification, I would choose LSE over Kings for management because of the nature of the university which focuses on the field)

Bring a graduate from a high ranked university helps in terms of employment but this won't guarantee you a job, your personality, your CV, your interview skills and many other factors are considered.

Warwick is very good in business related areas, very highly ranked and competitive
Bristol is an excellent university but not focused in your field, however you would benefit of an old, well established institution with good quality teaching. Same for Durham.
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Also, in the UK, it does not really matter which university you graduate from. Durham, LSE, Warwick, Exeter, King's - are all highly respected by the top employers in the same measures. What it really matters is how you do in your course and your life experience, employability skills. All in all, during the interview process with the employers, they will access your personal brand, how you work well as a team and your charisma and how well you are able to articulate.

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