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So basically I need to make my final uni choice pretty soon, I have offers from both Bath spa and Oxford Brookes but I can't decide at all. I have spoken to students and lecturers from bath spa quite a lot and one thing which REALLY attracts me to Bath spa is how the lecturers seem extremely friendly and genuinely interested in the students. The small class sizes would suit me as well I think, I'm pretty sure I would need to know my lecturers a bit more personally so I can approach them for help without being intimidated (Obviously this wouldn't be possible with massive class sizes).

So, I have an offer from Oxford Brookes for English Literature combined with Sociology. If there are any current students studying these subjects, could you tell me what the lecturers are like? Thank you.

Also, If you think there's anything particularly good or bad about these courses or Oxford Brookes in general which you could impact my decision, let me know

Thanks a lot.
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Hi there,

Sounds like you definitely have a tough choice on your hands...

Overall it sounds like class sizes and the resulting ability to approach your lecturers is pretty important to you. I'd therefore advise having a look at the Guardian University Subject Rankings for English and Creative Writing, and Sociology. Their ranking system gives a fair weight to the staff to student ratio, amongst a number of other measures including student satisfaction rates.

From personal experience, the lecturers I know from these departments are very friendly and approachable, but if you came to one of our Open Days on either 3 October or 7 November you'd get the opportunity to see for yourself. One of my favourite lecturers here is Professor Richard Huggins from the Department of Social Sciences. He's about as approachable and friendly as a person can get, delivers fantastic lectures, and has led some fascinating research.

If you have any more specific questions do give us a shout. Email [email protected] or call us on 01865 484848.

All the best of luck for the choices ahead!

Oxford Brookes University

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