The Modern Socialist Parry. A Britain for everyone - a Britain, for you.

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The Modern Socialist Party is a left-sided party that aims to bring the best out of Britain. We aim to end the increasing divide between the poorest in society, and those who are more financially secure, whilst maintaining economic growth and stability. The Conservatives are being dragged ever further to the right by the growing influence of UKIP, and are therefore endangering the poorest in our society today, as well as isolating and demonising immigrants who have come here looking for a better life.

This party offers you an alternative. A middle ground, that thinks of the economy, as well as our citizens that are most in need. Therefore, we feel the following list of polices will benefit everyone, from the top of our society, right down to the bottom.

1) Stay within the EU, without a referendum. We feel Britain is a crucial and valued part of the EU, and the reverse is also true. Leaving this highly valued organisation will cause havoc to our slowly recovering economy, and destroy our international trading, as well as our freedom of movement - which we feel is taken for granted in modern day Britain.

2) End the targeting of immigrants, and the use of immigration as a political football. Immigration is not to blame for the problems facing our country today. Without the immigrants that come to this country and work in crucial jobs to our society, ranging from doctors, to cleaners, to teachers, the country would simply grimd to a halt. For those of you who complain they are 'taking all our jobs' many of the jobs done by immigrants are jobs that many of you would turn down. Would you, for example, clean your local secondary school every afternoon, at minimum wage - before heading off to an office block to do the same - also at minimum wage. The jobs these immigrants do are taken for granted, and therefore, we feel immigration is very much a 'you don't know what you have until it's gone' situation.

3) Reform the bedroom tax. If families have a spare room that they are not letting out to people who are in desperate need of a home, then they should he taxed for this room. However, we feel the rules regarding families with disabled members are unfair. In the next parliament we would make sure this was no longer the case.

4) Prioritise negotiations with foreign powers such as the US and Russia towards nuclear disarmament.

5) Increase spending on the NHS, end the slow privatisation, and ensure that mental health is given the same standards, priorities, and attention as physical health.

6) Introduce a tuition fee system such that the amount paid by the student increases year on year, so as to ensure they are fully committed to a course before taking on a second/third year. By having a much cheaper first year we will also encourage students from poorer backgrounds to take on higher education. The student loan system would also remain in place to help such students continue their course should they wish to do so.

7) Scrap grammar schools, as these further develop the social divide between the rich and poor in society.

8) Ensure much support is given to smaller/growing businesses as is given to well established market giants. The huge amount of tax avoidance we see today will also be ended.

We want to fight for a fair Britain. An equal Britain. A stable Britain.

A Britain for everyone - a Britain, for you.

(anyone interested in joining feel free to pm me)
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Hi there,

To continue on in the Political Party Contest, parties and independent candidates must meet all the requirements posted each week in the main thread. Unfortunately, your party has not fulfilled all the necessary requirements. It is understood that life can get in the way of lengthy competitions like these. However, that does mean that you do not qualify for the next rounds, and that your thread will hereby be locked.

We thank you for your interest and participation. There will be other events in the future, and we hope to see you in one or more of those!
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