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Marc Vivien Foe - RIP watch


    ...blah, blah, blah. Enjoy your cynical life.

    i take it your a football fan then?

    Come on smart ass whats 1+1?

    3 of course
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    Originally posted by Unregistered
    Pah, football is for losers!
    Why do people watch this "sport"?!
    Oh look how macho and cool i am cos i like watching football oh yeah how cool am i?!?!

    It is sad it really is, all football players are thick and so are their fans - they are all lager louts who need a life.

    Enough said.

    PS I am not disrespecting the dead I havent mentioned this person ur talking about whoever he is, just making a point about footballers and their fans
    Wow dude, it moves me to tears just quite how open-minded you are. All the best in all you do... oh hang on, I don't actually care.

    Hiya Sad Ed...

    I was also devastated to learn of Marco's death. I was equally devastated to learn that he was suffering from dysentry 3 days before the match. It doesn't take a scientist to work out that it is dangerous to play a 90 min game of football whilst dehydrated in a 90 degree environment. It's obvious that metobolically he suffered a sodium potassium shift at cellular level and his heart was simply unable to beat...If the idiots who tried resuscitating Marc corrected that imbalance with I/V fluids he would have recovered almost immiediately.
    Club Doctors obviously knew he was unwell and also should have known how to cope with the emergency situation...but they failed to do so. Marcs was a needless, sensless death and I hope the medical staff are made to pay for it...though it wont of course bring Marc back...I'm glad I got that of my chest I've been carrying it around for over a week!

    I actually don't understand it. Coaches are supposed to look at the players' best interests, but they're main priority is surely ensuring that the player remains in good health. This means noot allowing a player who is ill before the match, as Foe definitely was, to even play a part in the match. The manager was going to remove Foe from the pitch because he looked tired, but surely he shouldn't have been placed in that situation in the first place. Any player would obviously want to play every minute of every match, even if they're not feeling 100%, and especially if they are playing for their country. Managers should have the final say, and basically tell the player, sorry you can't play today, for your long term health.
    I remember the events before Michael Owen scored his first goal for England. He got knocked out by the Morrocan goalie, and apparantly he didn't remember too much of the match (I think he got mild concussion). Glenn Hoddle should really have taken him off the pitch, as there could be a risk of a further knock to the head. However, he let Owen back on as Owen told him that he was ok, and persuaded Hoddle to let him back on. I know that he scored a goal and didn't get another knock, but it could have happened. Jenson Button wasn't allowed to race after he got mild concussion, so surely other managers should do the same for the players' health.

    Absolutely...and I'm sure that this blatent "**** up" (for want of a better term) will come out fairly soon. I just hate the fact that this had to happen to highlight this.

    (Original post by Unregistered)
    i reckon there was more too it. a 'fit' 28 year old footballer doesnt just collapse and die!

    i reckon it may be drug related. Might be a bit synicle but it does seem very far fetched to me.

    Are you a ****ing kidding me or are you someone that hasn't got a brain. Try reading up on these things before you put your mouth in gear. If you want to discuss this further you **** my e-mail address is [email protected] . Look forward to reading your stupid.thick response.
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    A few months later, and sadly another football has dropped dead playing the game they love.

    Miklos Feher - RIP

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/3428803.stm For the full story.
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