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Frequently Asked Questions

The TSR Model House of Commons is a debating forum, where anyone can propose and discuss their ideas to change laws and improve the UK.

In this forum, we debate and vote on petitions which can be posted by anyone on TSR. We also debate and vote on bills and motions which are normally written by MHoC MPs and parties.

The full list of TSR parties:

TSR Conservative and Unionist Party
TSR Green Party
TSR Labour Party
TSR Liberal Party
TSR National Liberal Party
TSR Socialist Party

As in the real life House of Commons, TSR parties have MPs who vote on bills and petitions and like the real House of Commons, the number of seats each party gets is determined by a TSR-wide general election, held every 6 months. You may also stand for election as an independent MP.

How do I get involved?
There are 3 main ways to get involved:

Write a Petition

Writing a petition allows you to directly get your views heard on laws you'd like to change or ways you wish to transform the UK.

Start your petition today!

Join a party

Joining a party allows you to access to a secret partysub-forum, giving you a chance to chat with your party colleagues. If you want to become an MP in the Model House of Commons, getting involved with a party is the best way to start.

Click here to join a party.

Register your interest as an MP

You don't have to be an MP to get involved in the MHoC: in fact the only advantage an MP has is that they get to vote in our special Division Lobby subforum. Becoming an MP is still the best way to integrate yourself into the MHoC community and get involved.

Head over to our MP Recruiting Ground, put your name down and we'll help find you a role!

Join the debate

There's usually something to debate in here, whether its a bill on Drug Legalisation or a petition calling for tuition fees to be scrapped. Unlike the real life House of Commons, everyone is welcome to debate bills and petitions.

Check out the forum for open petitions and bills and have your say.

What are petitions and how can I submit one?
Petitions in the TSR Model House of Commons work in a similar way to the e-petitions system in real life, except you don't need a minimum number of signatures for them to be debated! Creating your own petition is easy and anyone can do it.

Click here to submit a petition to the Model House of Commons! It could be something like: "This petition calls on the TSR Government to scrap tuition fees." or "This petition calls on the TSR House of Commons to leave the EU.".

The petition will be debated for 4 days and then the MPs of the Model House of Commons will vote on it. If it passes, the TSR Government or House of Commons may develop your idea into a bill and try to make your petition a part of TSR law.

Can I debate bills and petitions?
Yes! Everyone on TSR is welcome to debate bills and petitions in the HoC. Only MP's are able to vote on bills, however.

What is the difference between an MP and a non-MP?
MPs are chosen or elected by their parties to represent them in the TSR MHoC. They are the only people allowed to vote on bills and petitions.

How do I become an MP?
MP's are selected by each party to represent them, so if you're not in a party yet, the first thing to do is join.

There are 50 MP places, and each is distributed to a party at the general election held on TSR every 6 months. Independents can also stand in a general election to get a place. If you wish to stand as an independent, it is best to contact the Speaker to find out when the next election will be and how to go about running.

How can I find out more about the TSR parties?

How do I join a party?
Join a TSR party by clicking here and applying to a party.

You will have to be accepted by a group leader, which is usually the leader and their deputy. You will then gain access to their hidden forum in the HoC that only their party members (and the Speaker) can see.

Can I form my own party?
Yes, though it isn't easy. New parties require a new forum, and you have to prove yourself, both to the Speaker and to the site moderaters.

The first thing you need is 10 supporters with at least 150 posts and 3 months activity on TSR. You will have to start a debate thread and will have to prove that you will be active to be a benefit to the MHoC. Only then will the Speaker take your proposal to the mods for discussion.

How does the HoC work?
The constitution and guidance document detail the workings of the HoC. While the guidance document is only a guide, it is the standard way the House operates.

Where can I ask questions?
Questions to the Speaker go here. This should be used for general non-political questions. If you would like to ask questions to individual parties, please see above a full list of parties with links to their threads.

How do I write a Bill?
A guide to witting bills can be found here.

What party is best for me?
There is no easy answer to this. One way to find out is to do the political compass test

Why not look at the manifestos from the last election to help you choose. They can be found here. You could also:
★Start a thread in the HoC, outlining your beliefs and see what others think.
★Use Hansard to look at what bills each TSR party has recently put forward, to see if you agree with their policies.
Head over to our MP Recruiting Ground, where you can express your political opinions and await feedback from parties if there's a match between your views.

My question is not answered above

Please contact the Speaker of the House (RayApparently) or the Deputy Speaker (Toronto353).
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