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Industrial Revolution books? watch

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    Hey fellow historians.

    Can anyone recommend me any good books/historians on crime and punishment within the industrial revolution in Britain?

    Ive decided to do my dissertation on the impact of the revolution on crime and punishment. Obviously i know this a very broad topic and i need to narrow it down. Anyone have any recommendations on a specific topic i can narrow down and look at, or better still recommend me a few good potential research questions or an angel i can take a look at.

    Also any advice on archival work. where do i go and how do i go about it?


    The Vile Victorians: Crime and Punishment (Horrible Histories)


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    Including: the nature of crime and violence in myth and reality; the operations of law in relation to 'class'; the rise and impact of policing; the nature of punishment; rural urban contrasts. For reform of law and justice, see Topic 15 (‘Law, crime and punishment in the18th century’); for humanitarianism and related issues, see Topic 21 (‘Manners, sensibility and humanitarianism’).

    - Emsley, C., Crime and society in England, 1750-1900 (1987)
    - Gatrell, V.A.C., ‘Crime, authority, and the policeman-state, 1750-1950’ in Thompson, CSHB III (1990)
    - Emsley, C., The English police: a political and social history (1991)
    - Wiener, M., Reconstructing the criminal: culture, law and policy, 1830-1914 (1991)
    - Johnson, P., ‘Class law in Victorian England’, P&P 141 (1993)
    - Taylor, David, The new police: crime, conflict, and control in 19th century England (1997)
    - Philips, D., and Storch, R.D., Policing provincial England 1839-56 (1999)
    - Morris, R., ‘“Lies, damned lies and criminal statistics”: reinterpreting the criminal statistics in England and Wales’, Crime, Histoires et Sociétés/Crime, History and Societies 5 (2001)
    - Wood, J. Carter, Violence and crime in 19th century England (2004)
    - Emsley, C.,Hard men: the English and violence since 1750 (2005)
    - Knox, W., and McKinlay, A., ‘Crime, protest and policing in 19th century Scotland’ in T. Griffiths and G. Morton (eds.), A history of everyday life in Scotland 1800-1900 (2010)

    - Storch, R.D. ‘The plague of the blue locusts: police reform and popular resistance in northern England, 1840-57’, IRSH 20 (1975)
    - Storch, R.D., ‘The policeman as domestic missionary: urban discipline and popular culture in northern England, 1850-80’, JSH 9 (1976)
    - Tomes, N., ‘A "torrent of abuse": crimes of violence between working-class men and women in London 1840-75’, JSH 11 (1977-78)
    - Gatrell, V.A.C., ‘The decline of theft and violence in Victorian and Edwardian England and Wales’, in V.A.C. Gatrell et al. (eds.), Crime and the law (1980)
    - Tomlinson, M.H., ‘Penal servitude 1846-65: a system in evolution’, in V. Bailey (ed.), Policing and punishment in 19th century Britain (1981)
    - Jones, D., 'Crime in London: the metropolitan police, 1831-92', in Protest, community and police in19th century Britain (1982)
    - Jones, D., 'The conquering of 'China': crime in an industrial community, l842-64' in Protest, community and police in19th century Britain (1982)
    - Sindall, R., ‘Middle-class crime in 19th century England’,Criminal Justice History 4 (1983)
    - Steedman, C., Policing the Victorian community: the formation of English provincial police forces 1856-80 (1984)
    - Swift, R., ‘Urban policing in early Victorian. England, 1835-86: a reappraisal’, History 73 (1988)
    - Inwood, S., ‘Policing London’s morals: the Metropolitan Police and popular culture 1829-50’, London Journal 15 (1990)
    - Zedner, L., Women, crime and custody in Victorian England (1991)
    - Taylor, H., ‘Rationing crime: political economy of criminal statistics since the 1850s’, EcHR 51 (1998)
    - King, P., Crime and law in England, 1750-1850: remaking justice from the margins (2006).
    - Shore, H., ‘Punishment, reformation or welfare: responses to “the problem” of juvenile crime in Victorian and Edwardian Britain’, in H. - Johnston (ed.,), Punishment and control in historical perspective (2008)
    - Lawrence, P., (ed.), The New Police in the 19th Century (2011)

    - Philips, D., Crime and authority: the Black Country, 1835-60 (1977) chs 6, 7, 8
    - Davis, J. ‘The London garotting panic of 1862: a moral panic and the creation of a criminal class in mid-Victorian England’, in V.A.C. Gatrell et al. (eds.), Crime and the law (1980)
    - Davis, J. ‘Jennings Buildings and the Royal Borough: the construction of the underclass in mid-Victorian England’, in D. Feldman and G. Stedman Jones (eds.), Metropolis-London (1989)

    - Wiener, M., Reconstructing the criminal: culture, law and policy, 1830-1914 (1991)
    - Bailey, V., ‘The fabrication of deviance: "dangerous classes" and "criminal classes" in Victorian England’, in J.Rule and R.Malcolmson (eds.), Protest and survival (1993)
    - Carter Wood, J., ‘A useful savagery: the invention of violence in 19th century England’, JVC, 9 (2004), pp. 22-42
    - Wiener, M., Men of blood: violence, manliness and criminal justice in Victorian England (2004)

    From the Cambridge tripos: http://www.hist.cam.ac.uk/undergradu...list-final.pdf

    Good reading!
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    (Original post by Josb)
    Good reading!
    Oh boy i wish i'd never asked now! :eek:

    Thank you so much though
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