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Hi All

Question to ask and see if anyone has done it themselves.

I've been working in public finance for a number of years mainly for local authorities where I started studying for a CIPFA (financed party by me and party by employer where the budget allowed) which I am now around a third of the way through.

However due to the state the public sector is in (and probably will stay in for the foreseeable future), the lack of positions and cuts in salaries/lack in wage increases and the stagnation of my current role is it worth switching my studies to ACCA.

Emailing ACCA it is technically possible as the exams I have done could be dealt with as exemptions and are transferable as both CIPFA and ACCA are part of CCAB, and even if it wasn't possible to transfer would it still be worth switching?

So my question is really is should I switch to an ACCA, is there anyone who currently works in the public sector that is having the same thought process as me? Anyone who is also a CIPFA trainee or ACCA trainee who can comment on their current role and where it is leading them and is the private sector doing any better than the public or is it just as bad?

I guess I just want to weigh up the pros and cons as my aim was to become s151/Chief Financial Officer of a LA at some point but as progression to the next step to that goal seems to be limited I cant see that happening, or should I stick it out and hope for light at the end of the tunnel? Does feel though that I have wasted a chunk of my life being in public sector.

Any discussion/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, I am also in the same position, are you able to PM me and we can chat?
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Have you considered contracting? My sense is there's a shortage of suitably qualified accountants in the Local Government, especially in areas like Social Care, and Corporate reporting

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