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I'm applying to unis next year for History courses and have to have my first draft of my PS handed in within a month!

My question is that, when writing about the books you've read, A. do you have to include the author? If yes, can you just put their surname or do you have to put their full names? An example would be that I've read Peter Rex's "1066", but can I just call it Rex's "1066"?

B. I wanted to mention a historical debate that I'd watched on YouTube between Jeremy Paxman and Andrew Roberts, but, if I refer to the name of the show, can I just refer to them as just Paxman and Roberts or is this considered informal and rude?

C. If I've read a book with a long title that takes up a lot of characters as it as a kind of "sub-title", do I have to refer to it as it's full name? An example would be "House of Godwine: The History of a Dynasty" or can I just refer to it as "House of Godwine"??

Thank you for your help!
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A) You do need to mention the author but surnames are fine.

B) I think you should use full names when referring to people in videos, films, documentaries, TV clips etc.

C) I do not think it advisable to shorten book names, I certainly didn't. The only exception would be dates, for example I would say Applebaum's "Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe" rather than "Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956"

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