Successes and failures of the Great Terror of Russia?

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In terms of how it benefitted Stalin,and other asspets.

Ive got
It allowed him to get rid of his opponents that could act as a potential theart, such as Zinoviev and Kamanev. It also maintained his power, because purging the Red Army for him secured his position as they could potentially be a threat as they supported Trotsky who was the former Head of the Red Army. This also is the same for the NKVD, where many supported the opponents. And one of Stalins worries were his lack of control of these bodies, but AAR of purging this was dealt with

It asserted his authority over Russia, between 1938-53 there were no opponent groups, unlike previous years with previous rulers

It provided cheap labour- many of those sent to prison camps such as gulags were made to work

Provided a scapegoat for the failures of 5YP's

Economy was effected the most, people lied about targets of grain produced and many skilled managers and workers died. Production reduced- evidence- Dobass accounted for 77% of coal production but between 1936-88 when managers were purged this rapidly decreased. The historian Nove says that it because of the Great Terror the third 5YP failed.

I really dont have any more failures, a part from the human cost but I feel like that's a weak argument.

Anyone got some more successes and failures? Tanx so much!

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