Is School of Visual Arts(NY) Animation good or should I choose my other offers?

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Some great animator such as Rebecca Sugar that I really look up to, has studied there and I'm not sure I saw some bad animations and some great animations and it has really mixed reviews. It was one of my top choices and its also in New York City.

I also have Bournemouth University(Computer Animation and Visualition) but I guess they dont do cartoons and they are about special effects.

Also Art University of Bournemouth, University of Hertfordshire, University of Tesside and Emily Carr. (All Animation)

Could you help me out? I have a few days to choose and Im nervous if I make the wrong choice my family cant afford to send me to university again.
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The School of Visual Arts is a pretty good place to study for Visual Arts. I have heard good things about their Fine Arts program. If one of your role models graduated from there and studied what you want to study, why not?

One thing to consider is that outside of the top art schools (the School of Visual Art is a good school but I don't know if it's a top school for animation), there will always be students of different skill and talent levels. It's not just the school that is an important factor in determining success but also the student. How talented is the student? How willing are they to go after their dreams? Even if you end up at a top school, you won't get very far in your career if you don't put in the necessary work.

I am unfamiliar with your other choices so I can't give you an opinion. Although I can say that if you study in New York that would make it easier for you to get internships in the US. If you do choose NY, I strongly advise you to get an internship. I'm not familiar with animation studios in New York but I do know that both Pixar and DreamWorks are located in California. Internships with Pixar are paid. I haven't looked at DreamWorks but it may be paid, too.

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