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B771 - Education Quality Act (Second Reading), TSR UKIP2nd Reading - Please check notes at bottom.

Education Quality Act (2015):

An Act to replace Ofsted with an independent body to inspect, regulate and give guidance to services that provide education to all ages.

BE IT ENACTED by The Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Commons in this present Parliament assembled, in accordance with the provisions of the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-

1. Current Educational Regulators

(1) Ofsted and the Independent Schools Inspectorate shall be merged at the end of the 2014/2015 Academic year, 31st August 2015.

2. Education Quality Commission

(1) Ofsted and the Independent Schools Inspectorate shall be replaced on the 1st September by the Education Quality Commission.
(2) The Education Quality Commission shall become a non-departmental public body of the Department for Education.
(3) The Education Quality Commission will inspect and regulate; child minding services, day care, children and young people’s social care, children’s centres, state schools, teacher training providers, Further Education colleges, CAFCASS, adoption and fostering agencies, and academies.
i. Private schools will be inspected but shall retain the same level of autonomy as they do currently. Internal policies within private schools will not be subject to change following an inspection.
(4) Each inspection by the Education Quality Commission will be followed by a report and a feedback meeting within 5 working days.
(5) The Education Quality Commission board will consist of Chairperson, a Chief Executive, a Secretary and no more than 10 board members. All board meeting minutes will be made available to the public within a month of the meeting.
(6) The Education Quality Commission will employ 1000 Education Quality Inspectors across England, at the current starting pay for Ofsted inspectors.
(7) Regional Inspector Service Providers shall continue to provide Additional Inspectors in their current role. No more than 1000 Additional Inspectors should be employed at any one time.
(8) Other Inspectorates currently under Ofsted’s responsibility shall be transferred to come directly under the Education Quality Commission.
(9) Reflecting the British Republic, all new inspectors employed by the Education Quality Commission shall be known as ‘Education Quality Inspectors’, replacing ‘Her Majesty’s Inspectors’. Ofsted inspectors who gained the title ‘Her Majesty’s Inspector’ may retain this honour.

3. Assessment

(1) Areas under examination by the Education Quality Commission shall be:

I. ‘Teaching and Learning’,
II. ‘Pupil Achievement’,
III. ‘Standards of Special Educational Needs/English as an Additional Language Teaching’,
IV. ‘Pupil Behaviour and Safety’
V. ‘Extra-Curricular Opportunities’
VI. ‘Staff Management and Finance’,
VII. ‘Progression against Previous Targets’,
VIII. ‘Staff Feedback’
IX. ‘Parent Feedback’,
X. ‘Governor/Trustee Feedback’
XI. ‘Facilities’

(2) Inspections shall be carried out by up to five inspectors appointed by the Education Quality Commission.
i. At least one of these inspectors must be a registered Education Quality Inspector.
ii. Where required, the other inspectors may be made up from Additional Inspectors.
(3) All inspections will be carried out ‘on-the-spot’. Notice of the inspections will be given the morning of the inspection no later than 8am.
(4) The inspection may last up to a period of 5 days as seen fit by the inspection team.
(5) The feedback meeting must have a representative of the school/education facility and a representative of the trustees/governors present.
(6) All feedback meetings shall be made public. Topics of a sensitive nature or which may constitute a safeguarding issue will be withheld for a private feedback session.
(7) Inspections of organisations shall be conducted at least once every 3 academic years.

4. Grading

(1) Each organisation examined will be graded according to 5 bands, as recommended by the inspection team:

I. Outstanding
II. Good
III. Adequate
IV. Inadequate
V. Special Measures

(2) Organisations that fall within Inadequate will have 18 months to improve before a re-inspection. If recommendations and guidelines have not been met, the school shall enter Special Measures.
(3) Special Measures shall be conducted in line with current policy and guidelines in place with Ofsted.

5. Current Employees

(1) Current employees of Ofsted and the Independent Schools Inspectorate will be offered to apply for employment within the new commission in a job role similar to their current position.
(2) Redundancy will be offered for those who do not wish to apply.

6. Funding

(1) Funding shall be set at a level to reflect the merger of the two organisations, £300 million, to come from funds currently being used for Ofsted and recouped from the funds spent on employing Additional Inspectors.

Commencement, short title and extent

(1) This Act may be cited as the Education Quality Act;
(2) This bill shall extend to England; and
(3) Shall come into force immediately

Notes for 2nd Reading:

3 Day limit changed to 5 Day Limit – increased number of inspectors to account for this.

Home Educators removed from those under remit – to remain under control of Local Authority.

To clarify - Ofsted doesn’t inspect organisations in Scotland, Wales or N.I., these will remain under their respective Governments.

There are 233 working days in a year and 38859 places to inspect. Each inspection can take 4 days hands on at the school, followed by one day writing up the report. For each place to be inspected every 3 years there needs to be 12953 places inspected each year every year and in a 3 year cycle it will be at the beginning. Each inspection team can inspect 46 (233/7) place per year. So there needs to be 282 (12953/46) inspection teams to conduct an inspection every 3 years.
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That was a quick trip from second reading to vote.
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More Abstentions than Ayes or Noes. Wow.
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Even Ayes and Noes - exciting.
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Ayes to the right: 11
Noes to the left: 10
Abstain: 15

Turnout: 72%

The Ayes have it, the Ayes have it! Unlock.
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