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Hey guys! I discovered this topic on the forum some time ago and thought about giving it a go...

For about a couple of years now I've had my blog - every two weeks I post a tutorial with a different idea to upcycle/recycle an old, boring piece of clothing, or how to create something from scratch. I try to keep them simple and easy so that everyone can make something on their own - because that's the main point of it, to motivate other people to create and be proud of what they're wearing, as it expresses their personality and their skills, not money. And I think that what could maybe be interesting for you guys, as you know, we students are not (yet) millionaires. :P

Just recently I thought about translating my blog into English (Polish is my native language), and I'm trying to do my best to translate all of them (I still have more than 60 left!).

As I quite know already what to do, where and how to promote, etc. when it comes to Polish version of my blog, but I slightly struggle with ideas concerning promoting the English version of my blog. I obviously do what I can on Facebook, I started some things on Pinterest, and am still trying other ideas. Anything you could recommend?

The link to my blog -

Also, what are your thoughts about the blog? What could I improve? What could make it more appealing to possible audience that I want to encourage to sew, paint, and make stuff with their own clothes?

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