Goldsmiths or Royal Holloway for Documentary Studies?

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I've gotten unconditional offers for two similar courses - MA Documentary by Practice at Royal Holloway, and MA Filmmaking (Screen Documentary pathway) at Goldsmiths. Which one should I accept?

I like both programs almost equally. I guess I want to know if anybody has any personal experience with these courses, or know enough of the reputation of the universities to be able to weigh in on how good they would be in teaching documentary filmmaking.

Here are some additional factors I suppose should be considered:

- I know Royal Holloway has a better reputation, which is important to me as an international student. However, Goldsmiths claims it's second to the National Film and Television school in the quality of media arts education and number of awards. Is this true?

- The Royal Holloway program is split campus, meaning 60% of the course will be conducted in Bedford Square, 40% at the main campus in Egham. The course director recommended I be based in London and just commute to Egham. Will it be difficult to shuttle back and forth between London and Egham for half the year? Given that I'll be new to London, this is making me worry if I should just go to Goldsmiths because the dorm will be near the campus, and I won't have difficulty commuting from home to uni, and vice versa.

- The Royal Holloway building is just GORGEOUS. Should this be a big consideration?

Any other inputs you may have on other factors (social life, career support, etc) at each of the universities will be very much appreciated.

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