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Hello everyone,
so basically on my travels I met his guy, he seemed like my perfect guy, but it was like ok we chatted a bit but sure, only time i'll see him. However, when i got internet onto my phone and logged into facebook he had added me on facebook and messaged me. we spoke a bit and swapped numbers.

Everything seemed great! He truly was like my perfect guy, we had so much in common and messages flowed great between us. He text me every morning and we would text right up until we went to sleep. This last for 4 days, until i was telling a friend and showed her a picture and he recognised him. He was an ex of a friend of hers. That said friend was now dating a guy i live with. There was a lot of history between this guy and his ex. I was told there was an incident in which he was quite agressive as well as a time he tried emotional blackmail to get her back. Obviously alarm bells were ringing my head. But as i started to think about it, this guy and her ex went on holiday together after they had split up... if what was said happened would you really go on holiday with the guy? But still i feel bad because i know his ex and who she is dating now

So on advice from my friends i continued to talk to him, but proceed warily. Everything was going great for another couple of days. Until one of my friends messaged him not realising it was the guy i really liked. The messages he was sending her were completely different to what he was sending me. He was flirty with me yes but more so than her but then again she was looking for sex, i'm looking for a relationship. I got pissed yes but at the end of the day we arent exclusive so he can talk to other girls. But what annoyed me he asked me if i knew her and i said i did, he continued to talk to her and lied to me about why he was asking! He also sent us the exact same snapchat.

That was fine i let him know my feelings and told him we arent exclusive and he could talk to other people and girls however don't lie to me, if you ask me about a girl, just tell me you guys matched on tinder. it's not a big deal. So again i proceed to talk to him, warily. This happened last night.

Today we were talking and he told me he deleted tinder etc. However, he hadnt and was still messaging my friend saying he liked talking to her etc. Again i'm pissed and i told him how i felt again and he apologized and said how he didnt have much experience talking to girls etc. I told him i was done etc and he apologized and asked me not to be done.

I AM SO CONFUSED! i really like him but im annoyed and i don't know if i have the right to be because we arent exclusive, i also feel like im making an arguement out of nothing. I know we havent been talking for a long time, just a week but we had such a good connection. My friends tell me not to talk to him but i just dont know what to do!

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