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I am currently in year 10, taking a lot of very demanding GCSE courses- when I picked them in year 9 I thought the pressure would be good for me and that I could manage to keep on top of all my work, but it didn't really workout like I pictured it. I am a bright student and it all the highest classes for my academic subjects, I know I can work hard if I have the time. I left year eight with a really bad level in science compared to the rest of my top set class, but I decided to work really hard the next year and managed to go up 3 whole levels in one term. I was very proud of this, but it was because I had the time and I wasn't under a lot of pressure.
But now My grades are starting to slip, and I think it's mostly due to the overwhelming amount of coursework I am required to complete for Art. I really like art and I am naturally quite skilled, it seemed like a perfect option- to also balance out my work schedule from all my academic subjects. I was told that it was a very fast paced course, which at first worried me slightly as when it comes to art I generally like to take my time, but again I thought the pressure would actually benefit me and make me work harder. I have been doing the course for a year now, and it's just too much. There is so much work to do, and so little time to do it that I end up spending all my time doing it. And it's also become very difficult to even motivate myself to do the work and actually get started, so I end up spending an unhealthy amount of time getting very stressed and worried before I have even started the work, which then extends the amount of time I am spending with art. I always find myself thinking that if I didn't have so much art coursework I could really get my currently c/b grades in maths and triple science, up to an A grade that I would be happy with. My art teacher has also expressed numerous concerns about the amount of effort I am putting into my work, the time it is taking and my general lack of motivation.
I have taken way too many days off school- telling my parents I'm ill, due to the stress purely of my art coursework. It has actually gotten so bad that my attendance is now somewhere in the high eighties, which could be really detrimental to my report. I have gone to the doctors and been prescribed medication I do not need, and had to lie to my parents so much- I know I didn't have to lie but they would never allow me to miss school if they knew my actual reasons.
It has just gotten to the point now where I really don't think I can handle the work, and I'm not blaming the course, or my teacher, because I know that lots of people cope with the same amount of work as I have just fine, but personally I cannot do it.
I would be so much happier if I could stop the course, however I'm not sure if that is allowed at this stage, also my family would be very disappointed in me, so I'm really not sure what do do.

I am sorry for my very long post, and will be grateful to anyone who takes the time to read it, what do you think I should do?

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