pros and cons of history at kcl and durham

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hi, i'm an international student from italy
i have an offer for history at kings
at an offer for ancient history at durham

could you please give me pros and cons of both uni and courses?
i'm really doutful bc i love london and the king's course but i know the reputation durham has...
Molly 6
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Hi I'm very biased as I'm currently at King's studying history. Being in London is great and the course is amazing! I'd say the main thing would be to go with what course you prefer the most.

Pros about King's and history is the course is set up really well so you get a broad overview in first year, then there are a huge number of modules to choose from in second and third year. King's still has a really good reputation and is recognised worldwide. Also, being part of the University of London, some societies and clubs occasionally mix with UCL or even Imperial, so being a student in London is also awesome as there's always something new to do.

Cons, being in London, to begin with it can seem quite daunting as everyone's spread out over different places depending on which campus and halls they're at. But so long as you put in the effort to go along to freshers' fair to join societies, and get involved in seminars and your course, then it's pretty good! Although if you think you'd prefer studying ancient history rather than history then I'd say Durham.

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