Electric vehicles: worth it?

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Hi there. Wanted to share my thoughts abouts electric cars and hear other opinions.
Today vehicles are one of the main polluters in the world. Gasoline and diesel engines are also mounted on ships, trains and other means of transport. The demand of decreasing air pollution requires alternative means of getting mechanical energy – engines that are environmentally friendly and produce less pollutions. One of such means of transport are electric vehicles. To my mind, main positive features of electric vehicles are: - Eco-friendly. - Compact. - Quiet. - Ability to work on solar energy produced by itself. - Rechargeable or changing battery. - Theoretically may be recharged from ordinary electric socket. Although there are negative features: - High cost of details and batteries. - Still special recharging stations required. - Vehicles cost as average business class car. - Recharging stations are rare. - Limited range of work. We should take into account that most of the electricity in developing countries is produced by heat power plants that produce much CO2 emissions and reduce quality of ambient air, so to provide electricity for the vehicles we produce more CO2 than we could produce using, for example, hybrid cars. The main reason of this phenomenon is that we use heat energy on power plants to evaporate the water to get mechanical energy required for generators while in gasoline engines energy from the fuel burning is transited directly into mechanical energy so they are more efficient. I may say that for the societies with not very strong economic system that produce more than 50% of energy on heat power plants and do not develop alternative energy sources, transition to electrical vehicles wouldn’t be cost and eco-effective. Though for the countries that have developed alternative power sources electric vehicles is the transport of the future. How do you think what are the main directions of development of land transport? Would we use electric vehicles or should improve gasoline engines and hybrid transport?
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