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Has anybody done this essay? I'm really struggling on it
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doing it now
my plan is this:

• Screen dna
o Probes
 Locate mutated genes
 Sequence gene
 Produce multiple probes (PCR)
 Label the probe
 Incubate with dnd ad electrophoresis
 OR
 Microarray
 Labelled DNA washed over many of the same probe
 Will only stick if has mutated gene
 Many different genes screened at same time

• Gene therapy (treatment)
o somatic
 Cycstic fibrosos
 CFTR gene inserted into lungs
o Germ line therapy
 Screening of IVF embroys

• Cancer treatment
o Breast c mutation on HER2 proto-oncogene treated by Herceptin
o Binds to HER2 receptor to stop growth
o Skin c mutation of B-RAF protoonco
o treated by ZELBORAF
o Inhibits braf enzyme which stops cells that express it from growing
o Breast, pancreatic, cervical caused by mutation on BRCA
o small molecules blocks enzymes that repair DNA and kills cell

• other uses of PCR (in vitro)
o Crime scenes
o Genetic fingerprinting/electrophoresis
 Genetic relationships
• Between species classification
• Separation temp experiment
 Diagnosis – genetic disorders

• In vivo cloning
o Recombinant and transformed cells
o Plasmids or viruses
o Genetic engeneering
 Makes proteins – insulin for diabetes
 Bacterium used as vector to insert transformed into plant e.g. tolerate drought
• Golden rice
o Beta carotene helps vitamin A deficiency
• Biological catalysts
o Chymosin enzyme for cheese production
• Vaccines
o Most need refrigeration
o Some countries cant
- allows for production of vaccines that dont need refrigeration

• Stem cells human
o Make genetically identical organs/tissues bodies wont reject

• Stem cells plant
o Totipotent
o Organ or clone

hope this helps - ask if you want clarification or explanation of examples
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I do a course on this in uni so to nerd it j would recommend writing about omics, transciptomics like microarray a to detect expression levels, rna seq also, Sanger sequencing followed by deep sequencing, massively parallel etc

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