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Hi guys, have attached some questions from the maths past papers, which I have struggling with.

With ques 1, I thought that sin=o/h so, 3/root 34 then multiply by 2. However, that is wrong, the correct answer is listed as C.

Ques 2, I thought was related to differentiation of trig, but; just got utterly bewildered.

Ques 3, I thought was maybe the scalar product of vectors, but again, got lost as to how to determine the values of a and b.

Ques 4, is the same as Ques 1; I thought the answer was C; which was incorrect.

Ques 5 I had split up the equation, placing each of the variables seperately, tried to solve it plugging in values, but; got lost in the process.
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Question 1: What you have calculated was 2sin(x), which is not the same as sin(2x). You may want to consider the application of a trigonometric identity on sin(2x).

Question 2: You are trying to transform the graph of  sinx + \sqrt{3}cosx .

Question 3: It may be helpful to draw these out. We know the unit vector has magnitude of 1, which would transform the dot product of the two to become a.b = cos(t)

Question 4: Similar to question 1, you would have calculated 2sin(x), not sin(2x).

Question 5: We know that a function similar to this one is not defined when the denominator of the fraction is 0.

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