shakespeare literature "romeo and juliet and "king lear"

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in school we have started our literature and this is what i have done so far on romeo and juliet and one paragraph on king lear. please will you see if this is alright and and what tweaks i need to make to get to a higher level.

Throughout the 17th century William Shakespeare wrote two plays called “Romeo and Juliet” and “king Leah“. Both plays share the similarity being set in the 17th century where strong dominant ideology was presented. The male domination ideology is shown in the play through Lord Capulet's relationships between his wife, daughter and other members of his family. This patriarchal domination makes him very powerful and makes other characters in the play weaker. This power is very important in determining the outcome of the play. The portrayal of Lord Capulet's character, shows him as one who has the power to tell others what to do as well as having complete power over his household and what happens in his household. Lord Capulet expects his wife and daughter to treat him as a king and they are expected to agree on what ever he says.
Lord Capulet is established as a emotional, caring and loving character. we all know this because he says “my child is yet a stranger in the world”. The use of word “stranger” shows what kind of father he is and how close his daughter is to him. This has an effect by showing in the 17th century fathers weren't as caring as lord Capulet was by telling Paris that his daughter is too young for him. Any hope the audience still thinks that lord Capulet is a loving and caring father. Shakespeare is showing the audience that lord Capulet doesn't want his daughter to get marry because she is too young for Paris and he loves her too much to let her go and explore the world , that’s why he said that ,she is still a “stranger” in the world. Shakespeare is showing the love effect between the father and daughter relationship.

Lord Capulet is shown as a loving and caring father until his daughter Juliet disagrees with him. We know this when he said “Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch! I tell thee what: get thee to church o' Thursday, Or never after look me in the face. Speak not. Reply not. Do not answer me.” the use of word “wretch” shows that at first he was a loving, caring father and now he is a disgusted, shocking father who hates his daughter if she does not agree with him. This is showing dominant ideology was presented in the 17th century when the father all ways rules the house. Any hope the audience had thought that lord Capulet was a caring father until his dramatic change when his daughter disagrees with him. Shakespeare is showing the audience that he wants his daughter to get married but she is refusing and there will be a bad relationship between Juliet and lord Capulet. Shakespeare is showing “hate” relationship between Juliet and her father.

During the exposition of Romeo and Juliet, tybalt is know as a violent, determined and arrogant character. We know this because “peace? I hate the word, as I hate hell, all Montague and thee. The word “ hate” is showing what motivates tybalt as he is driven with anger and hatred. He uses a rhetorical question to open his speech to show how unbelievable he finds it that anyone could consider peace. The audience thought that there will be a peaceful end to the argument which disappears with tybalts arrival, as he inflames the situation and takes it from a scuffle between servants to a full blown street fight . Shakespeare is almost certain that this fight will end in a big fight and there will be big consequences to face. Shakespeare is also showing how Love and hate is shown through the play by showing peaceful benvolio to violent tybalt. Shakespeare authorial intentions is to draw in a audience to show how the families hate each other.

King Leah is established as a generous, interesting character thoughtout the play “king Leah” . We know this when he says “ meantime we shall express our darker purpose. Give me the map thee. Know that we have divided in three our kingdom” the use of word “divide” is showing that king Leah want to split up his family and it could be foreshadowing the play. any hope the audience must think king Leah isn't very bright to give up his land to his daughters, also this is foreshadowing the play when he splits up the land which will split the family up in the end. Shakespeare is showing the audience that king Leah must love his daughters a lot to give up his land and pride. The

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