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This sounds wierd but is anyone else experiencing this or know what it is?

Basically my mind feels really blank and empty and I'll sit down to revise and I just can't. Like, I'll be looking at stuff and it just goes straight through my head and I remember nothing. I'm really worried.

I'm eating okay and getting 7 ish hours of sleep but nothing helps.

I revise by highlighting stuff and making flashcards. It's scary because I used to have a really good memory and now I won't know the answer to a flashcard so I'll look at it and then put it back randomly in the pack and even if it comes up only 2 cards later again I won't be able to remember it. As soon as I turn it over again I forget. :/

Last year I revised like this for biology and got an A* so it clearly worked then but now my memory is failing when I need it most

even for simple things like learning new french vocab I forget it straight away.

Could it be stress? I don't know... please help I'm really worried for my exams especially chemistry 2 & 3 in 2 weeks because of this :'(
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I can see where you're coming from because I get this sometimes.
How often do you revise? For me taking breaks and then coming back to it helps me remember things. My french teacher told me that reading something e.g science revision before going to sleep helps you to remember it because it's the last thing on your mind before you sleep, hope this helped a little haha i only just joined today

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