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I've applied for BA Linguistics & Japanese and got offers from University of Edinburgh, Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle.

The offers from Edinburgh and Sheffield are the ones I've found the most appealing...

This is because Sheffield:
-relatively isn't too far away from home (I am from York)
-seems dedicated and made a good impression on me (both the English as well as East Asian studies departments)
-has a good student satisfaction rating
-is a safe, green and friendly city (judging from the many times I've visited)

and Edinburgh:
-is a very respected uni (especially it's reputation for my course and it's linguistics course ranked 2nd best after Cambridge according to the CUG ranking)
-is a very beautiful vibrant city with a lot of opportunities
-has classed me as an EU student (I am an EU national/UK resident), which ultimately means very low if any tuition fees - lesser debt :cool:
-people didn't seem very friendly when I visited the city (but that could have been a bad day/coincidence... ps. very rude bus drivers :mad:)

However, despite Edinburgh uni having a more appealing reputation for my course academically I'm scared of accepting it as my firm choice... I have only seen Edinburgh once, never the actual University, and it seems like a big step to move alone so far away to a completely different culture and environment. Especially with Edinburgh city being so large... I have quite a puppy-like character and might get all lonely and miserable, tehe

My moods are also affected by the weather quite a bit (I grew by a sunny or (depending on seasons) snowy seaside from where I am from, so coming to rainy England was already depressing) and I heard Edinburgh can be quite miserable weather-wise! Then again, I don't wanna be silly and treat that as an excuse not to go!

The offers I have are AB for Sheffield - with the A being in English and BBB for Edinburgh. The reason why my Sheffield offer is AB is because I have an A-Level with an A grade that I have achieved in high school and they have counted that.

I'm pretty positive that I want to apply to both of them, I am not sure which one should be a firm and an insurance... Which offer will be more difficult to achieve realistically (I got BCC, the B in English, last year)? Then again, Sheffield are supposed to be less strict than Edinburgh when it comes to accepting you onto the course without entirely meeting the conditions...

SO... Are there any students from Edinburgh who could tell me what Edinburgh is actually like environment/quality of learning/satisfaction/weather-wise? Especially the ones that come from England and had to experience the change and move so far away all alone... Any students from Sheffield that could tell me what the academic side is like? Any experts on which unis are actually best for lingusitics/Japanese studies? Should I maybe arrange a university visit day with Edinburgh (this is mainly a money issue) to see what the uni is like?

I am so confused, it feels like I would be missing out on a great academic experience and financially better opportunity if I went to Sheffield and at the same time as if I wouldn't be entirely happy living in Edinburgh...

Then again, it feels like I wanna go to both of them equally as the factor one lacks are completed by the other and I just don't know how to prioritise things.. Any guidance anyone?

HELP :confused:

(and sorry if I waffled, I just wanted to give as much info that could help)


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