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Hey this looks like a good york uni thread :biggrin:
I really want to go to york!!! I'm just doing my AS levels at the moment and was wondering what courses everyone is doing ? and what grades you got for AS and need to get?

I want to do computer science and a bit worried the competition is intense!


yeay come to York tis going to be fun!!! i got 4 A's at AS and hopefully will be studying history (AAB offer) in october - hopefully going to change to english :s-smilie:
University of York
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I'm doing Compsci at York! The entry requirements are A in Maths, A in Physics, B in another sciency subject (at A level). Unless you 'cash in' your AS results, you don't need to put them on your UCAS form, so they don't (technically) need to be any particular level. What they'll look at is the predicted grades on your teacher reference, so make sure those are good.

Cool! For AS i'm taking Business, Computing, Maths and ICT. I'm kicking myself for not taking physics because ICT was a waste of time! But hey it doesn't matter because I want to do Compu Sci and Maths and you don't need physics for it :biggrin: My best friend is going to York this year to study economics, and he's a party animal!!!