Mother getting divorced but already sent my application

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Okay so I live with my mum and stepdad (they are married) and my dad pays child support each month. I sent off my student finance application about a month ago with application for a higher amount of maintenance loan, although due to the money from my mum, stepdad and child support, i only think i'll get like £200 extra from household income threshold but every little counts.

Anyway so neither of my mum/stepdad have filled out their financial info yet and my mum last week told my stepdad she wanted a divorce, i don't know when they will but it will probably take some time etc etc. Now what i want to know is if i get them both to fill out the info and my application is accepted etc but then at some point in the year they get divorced officially, what happens to the amount of money i get i.e would I then fit into a different threshold as it would just be counting my mums income plus dad's child support. Or would it stay as the amount it is with them married until next year when i apply for second year finance.

My second question is slightly different. Because with them getting divorced it's gonna be a bit slow getting my stepdad's financial info (its already difficult for both of them due to job switches etc), and i don't want to risk getting my application in too late and delays getting the money, if i reapply without asking for the additional maintenance amount (£200 isnt that much at the end of the day) and then my mum gets divorced at some point in the year, can i then apply for a higher amount and then get it for the rest of the year, or will i have to wait until next year to apply to get the higher amount.

This is all very long winded so to sum up, can i get the higher maintenance amount i would get with my mum single without waiting for her to get divorced officially before i do my application?

Cheers in advance (hopefully)

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