Serious reasons not to vote for Mr Cameron and the Conservatives.

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Mr Cameron is a danger to the security of the UK and the world. British people are worried about the economy mostly, but Mr Cameron can bring much bigger problems to all of us.

Mr Cameron has brought civil war to the Libya. By overthrowing Libyan Government he brought misery and death to thousands of Libyan people. Also now the Libya is an open gate to the Europe and the UK for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. That is Mr Cameron’s contribution to solving the immigration problem in the UK.

Also Mr Cameron has made his contribution to creation of ISIS in Syria, Iraq and now Libya as well. He supported blindly the training and arming of the radical Islamists in Syria trying to use their hands to overthrow the Syrian Government. At some point those Islamic radicals have turned the weapons against their Bosses in the US and the UK, because the support for the current Syrian Government has proved to be too strong and the Islamic radicals are not interested in building a democratic state anyway. They have created their own Islamic State and Mr Cameron’s support has played its part in it. We all have seen what crimes those radicals have committed recently.

Now in order to please the US Government Mr Cameron sent military instructors and armored vehicles to the Ukraine to train Ukrainian Army including the neo-Nazis battalions “Right Sector” , “Azov” and others (Google them and look on the YouTube to see what crimes they committed), so they could wipe out ethnic Russians – Ukrainians who live in the Eastern Ukraine and rebelled against the illegal overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian Government. Mr Cameron has supported the illegal coup d'état in the Ukraine using the hands of the above mentioned neo –Nazis organisations, so the US and EU could expand the NATO and acquire new markets. As a result now Ukrainians are living in a State which reminds Nazis Germany in 1930s. Anybody in the Ukraine who is protesting against the overthrow of the previous Government or against policies of the current Ukrainian regime is being put in prison or simply being killed. That is including the politicians from the opposition and the journalists. And that is happening right now. The British media keeps quiet about all that in order not to angry Mr Cameron and his Government and that is why British people are not aware of what is done in their name. Current Ukrainian Government has officially declared the WW2 Nazi collaborators Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych as “National Heroes of the Ukraine”. Bandera and Shukhevych are responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of civilians - Jews, Poles, Hungarians, Ukrainians and Russians during the WW2. Mr Cameron is trying to sell his Ukrainian policy to the British public as “support of Democracy and Freedom in the Ukraine”. I am wondering what hundreds of thousands British soldiers who died fighting the Nazis in the WW2 would say to Mr Cameron?

What is even more dangerous that the Russians are well aware that Mr Cameron has sent military instructors to help the neo-Nazis in Ukraine to kill the ethnic Russians – Ukrainians in the East of the country. It is all over the Russian media. Like British people would not allow the killings of British or Americans would protect the Americans, the Russians will not allow to kill Russians, it is obvious. Partly as a response to Mr Cameron’s policy in the Ukraine the Russian war planes are flying near the UK boarders already. If the Civil War in the Ukraine will escalate again, the British instructors will be facing the Russians, which could easily lead to much bigger war very quickly. Mr Cameron’s foreign policy miscalculations have created a lot of bloody mess in the Middle East already. The NATO has frozen contacts with the Russian Generals according to the interview of the Russian Ministry of Defence officials. This means that it is going to be very difficult to stop the war and in our nuclear age it would take about 30 minutes only to destroy whole world. That is why Mr Cameron is a danger to the security of the UK and the World. People should vote against him and his party to preserve the peace.

P.S. Now Ukrainians are saying that 1 year ago they could not even imagine that such a disaster would happen in the Ukraine. They were sure that the War would never come to them.

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