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Hey guys,
This may seem like a cliche post but it's really bothering me and I could really do with some advice. Me and my best friend are super close (totally platonic way no other feelings- both straight i'm a girl he's a boy) and recently he has started a relationship with a girl I introduced him to through mutual friends. Now here is the problem- this girl was obsessed with me and would literally copy me in any way she could (I'm talking clothes, music interests, even tweets etc…) and she has a huge problem with me and my friend being friends. It's got to the point where there has been an argument because she feels like I dislike her and now my friend won't talk to me- when I literally do not care about this girl at all as she has done nothing to upset me! I don't want to come across as jealous because i'm not at all- but has anyone ever been in a similar situation or get any advice?
As I don't want our friendship to end because of his current relationship.
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Sorry for the language but what a *****! I've seen kinds like her around.. whether it's stealing friends or boyfriends... I think she has some problems of insecurity. She is obviously jealous of you being close to this guy she likes, so she copied you in every way to feel liked by your friend. Success! They're going out. Good for them. But now she's trying to push you away, and is ready to manipulate, lie, do whatever needs be done so she can make him dislike you. I think you should try and get this message through to your friend (without calling his girlfriend a ***** like I did of course!). Tell him what's going on in the most objective and factual way possible. So that he won't feel like your jealous (since you show no emotional attachment to the situation). But do make him know that you're annoyed at her behaviour and that he should let his girlfriend know that you're not going to steal him from you and that she can rest assured, and put her overdramatic claws down.

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