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I was wondering if we could create a collaborative revision tool where we contribute by adding some keywords and their definitions from unit 10 and 3 and any other units you may be doing as I am finding it hard to collate all the information.
I'll start it off with some 10.4 keywords:

Active Life: the life lived by religious orders who work in society as weell as praying

Comtemplative life: the life of prayer and meditation lived by some religious orders

Religious community: a religious order who live together as a group e.g. the Benedictines

Vocation: the call from God to lead the christian life

The monastic life: Living as a monk or nun in a religious community

Gd luck for the exam on monday
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Here are some more 10.4 keywords:

Holy Orders: the status of a priest, bishop or deacon

Law of Moses: the laws God gave to Moses in the O.T.

Sermon on the mount: Jesus' description of Christian living

Charity: Voluntary giving to those in need

Displaying religion: making a show of your religion e.g. by praying in the street

Hypocrite: a person who acts in a way that contradicts what they say

Also, while your at it could you add in some relevant scripture for the unit you are contributing to

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