Edexcel Core Science Controlled Assessment C1

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Ash Kay
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Hey guys, hope you all are doing okay. I'm doing my chemistry C1 controlled assessment and was wondering if anyone can help!
Its edexcel science C1 CA.
Any help is well needed and well appreciated, even if its just tips on what to write under each heading.

My hypothesis is to test that the rise in temperature of a fixed volume of eater is proportional to the mass of solid fuel burnt. I used the solid fuel hexamine to heat 100cm3 of water. We heated our water in glass beakers by burning different sizes of hexamine.

Part A: Planning
●Hypothesis (provided)

Part B: Observations
●Primary Evidence and Recording*
●Secondary Evidence

Part C: Conclusion
●Processing Evidence*
●Quality of Evidence*
●Conclusion Based on Evidence*
●Evaluation of Conclusion*
●Evaluation of Method*

*The ones marked in an asterisk mean that I need the most help on these. I'm not too sure as to what I should write.

If anyone can help, it will be a great help! I'll be forever thankful to you!!!!

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