Edexcel Core Science Chemistry HELP ME PLEASE

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Ash Kay
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Hey guys, hope you all are doing okay. I'm doing my chemistry C1 controlled assessment and was wondering if anyone can help!
Its edexcel science C1 CA.*
Any help is well needed and well appreciated, even if its just tips on what to write under each heading.*

My hypothesis is to test that the rise in temperature of a fixed volume of eater is proportional to the mass of solid fuel burnt. I used the solid fuel hexamine to heat 100cm3 of water. We heated our water in glass beakers by burning different sizes of hexamine.

Part A: Planning
●Hypothesis (provided)

Part B: Observations
●Primary Evidence and Recording*
●Secondary Evidence

Part C: Conclusion
●Processing Evidence*
●Quality of Evidence*
●Conclusion Based on Evidence*
●Evaluation of Conclusion*
●Evaluation of Method*

*The ones marked in an asterisk mean that I need the most help on these. I'm not too sure as to what I should write.

If anyone can help, it will be a great help! I'll be forever thankful to you!!!!


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