ACCA Syllabus Changes: To sit or not to sit? + Q&A with LSBF tutor

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Earlier this year ACCA announced that they will be shifting the way examinations are held. What this means is that later this year, ACCA will move to 4 sittings per year, with the first new sitting taking place in September.

With this announcement, more questions have been raised as students now consider the implications of these changes and how they could alter their plans.

In order to help you clarify some of your questions, our tutor Paul Merison wrote an article for our blog. Here are a few excerpts:

“Four sittings presents a lot of flexibility for any ACCA student. Whether colleges will run a full suite of classes at all four sittings remains to be seen, but course provision will have no choice but to match the flexibility offered by ACCA so expect class timetables to evolve going forward.”

“From September 2015, the exam timetable is changing to get all the papers into a 5-day exam week. This means that some combinations will become impossible so students intending to sit at least 2 papers at a single sitting should plan ahead. For example, P3 and P6 will no longer be viable at one sitting."

“Also from September, the P-level papers P1 to P7 can be sat in any order instead of the current requirement to do P1-P3 first.”

Later today at 5pm (BST), Paul Merison, Director of ACCA at LSBF, will be answering as many questions as he can during a live Q&A right here on TSR.

If you are affected or have any questions in regards to the ACCA changes, please feel free to send your questions below.

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