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Choosing an Oxford college

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Tom Holder
In Soviet Russia, College chooses you!

Do you have stairs in your house?

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about a 15 minute walk, so no!

When you're used to living in the very centre, a 15 minute walk seems much too far :biggrin: Plus, remember the Maths Institute is up by Keble, so it's an even longer walk.
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The guide has arrived from the manufacturers today, and it's looking sweet! We have a limited first run including jewel case and a booklet with a map of central Oxford - handy for visiting the colleges on the Open Days at the end of this month. It's now available for immediate despatch, so order now - or talk your school into ordering one for you - to make sure you get one of these better copies!
Out of interest has Westminster School order a copy? Because if not I'll send the Oxbridge team an e-mail making them aware it's available.
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I'm not sure Baz - they certainly haven't bought a single user license, but then I wouldn't expect them to. I haven't seen a list of site license customers for two weeks now, but they weren't on the one from two weeks ago :wink: Any help much appreciated.
I'm sure they could stretch to a site license. To many people apply to make a single used one useful, they'd need to put it on the network. I'll drop them an e-mail. :smile:
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I think it's about time to drag this back from the dead!