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Hey I posted this on the 'Money and finance' sub-forum but I think it might be more appropriate to ask it here. Here it is:

So during my 2012/2013 academic year at Uni when I sent off my application for student finance both of my parents were working, but about a month later one of my parents lost their job - I managed to get by with what money I had and when it came around to applying for 2013/2014 we applied for student finance with the adjusted lower income of only one of my parents working.

About a month later the parent that was unemployed got a job and at the near end of the academic year (about May-June) student finance said they had overpaid me which I found confusing, because I assumed that the money I was granted in 2013/2014 was because one of my parents was out of work most of the year before. After all - the income they based the grant I got in 2013/2014 was off of the income from 2012/2013.

My question is: why are student finance ignoring the year where I was entitled to money and only focusing on the year that my household income was higher?
Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser
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Hi there.

For the 13/14 academic year, there is no process for us to look at the 12/13 year's income, unless your parents had filled in a 'Current Year Income' form in 12/13 and had the figures carried over.

If you had then done this in 13/14, it should have been the 13/14 estimated earnings we had assessed you on, as this is how the 'Current Year' process works. If these figures were given incorrectly for the wrong year then it can result in an over-payment.


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