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I have a history if mental health conditions. But I want to be a doctor so bad!! So I have a few questions!!
1) will I be able to get into a medical school without work experience, and I need to balance work/study/maintaining mental health...
2) does anyone know any medical schools near Hertfordshire, as I will be in supported living in Herts so won't be able to moe to Leeds or anywhere!!
3) what are the lowest grade I could get but still go to medical school? I hope to get AT LEAST: ABBB but if I have a mental breakdown so to speak I may get worse...
4) and finally, are they any mental health conditions that could prevent you from qualifying and practicing medicine, does being on a section 3 as an adult affect things?

Sorry for all the questions, but I so want to be a doctor and have always dreamed of it, I'm just scared my mental health will hinder or obstruct my aspirations...

P.s I know GCSEs are relatively irrelevant but I've got 2bs 7as and 2a* so will that help?

Thanks again!!!

Pps I was thinking I could do paramedic science instead but then do I do postgraduate medicine to become a doctor or what?! Sorry

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