your opinion on marijuana ?

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I am a hard working student at uni, I don't support the use of illegal drugs on a regular basis nor am I addicted in anyway, although I have tried weed a couple of times and I do like it and its effect,

do you think it's possible to be a high achiever and smoke weed?

do you like weed?

have you ever had a bad trip?

(my frst trip was awful I had a panic attack and never thought I would like it again)

what are your opinions of it having a negative impact on mental health?

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john pyle
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I used to be against weed only until last year. I had a friend who was really open about it and educated me on it, weed is a drug yes, however so is alcohol and caffeine as well as many other things. The only difference is that those things are more socially acceptable. Furthermore, weed is in no way comparable to tobacco. Studies on weed have shown that it produces more positive health benefits than negative ones. Its been used to help cope with certain types of cancers and other illnesses such as insomnia.
These days I'd always rather smoke a joint rather than get drunk for example. Weed is so much safer and there are no ill effects such as a hangover.
Also, studies have shown that weed smokers are actually more likely to be high achievers.

My advice to you is firstly to research it before you actually do it again and make up your own mind.

Yes I've had a bad trip, most people do. The first time I smoked it was really strong weed, my head was spinning and I nearly threw up. After that I only got weed from people I trusted and I have to know what type it is. Since then I've never had a bad trip, depending on the weed it can make you more energetic, euphoric, happy, creative, relaxed etc.

In conclusion, don't do weed until you've researched it and are comfortable with it. From personal experience, I have many friends who smoke on occasion and they're doing just fine at their studies in university and in other aspects of their lives. And I've never had anyone i know ever addicted to it.
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From my personal experience,the first time I ever smoked weed,it wasn't as much as I wished to but I could at least feel some of its effect (relaxation,etc).However it can make you very addicted if u dont have much power of will (or u can just be broke and solve addiction problems xd).Really something to be keeper in mind is that you could avoid way more bad trips if you some around really close friends and family (maybe a open minded sibling/cousin)cause whne I did it with other people I didn't bond with was just akward and straight up ruined my mood
Conclusion,keep studying,fake taht you broke so u dont buy too much,smoke only in special occasion(those are the best)and stay lit☝️
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knowing the difference between sativa and indica is important. Both are very different, both effect people differently.

Also making sure to keep it occasional, keep checking in with yourself to see how the activity is serving your life/what its doing to you. If it's fine, it's fine, if you feel weird then take a break! Defo best to avoid daily smoking though, it's an addiction that creeps up on you and before you know it it can run your whole life (seen it happen a million times, and experienced it myself)

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