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Basically, I missed two of my three personal tutor meetings over the course of this year. I get very anxious about most things in life (I've been to the doctors several times over the past few years for it) and I went and just almost had a nervous breakdown waiting to go into one. I know this is detrimental to my career.My attendance is poor because of how anxious I get in situations when Im in close proximity to other people.

Just, asking for peoples advice. I think I need to meet with him, but I'd like to explain the most of it in an email to him as I'm not sure I could get it out in person. Advice on how and what to write would be really much appreciated. This is all very stressful.

Also, not sure this is in the right forum but meh.

Thanks :rolleyes:
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I think the preparatory email is a great idea. It would be well worth explaining your problem pretty much as you have done above. Ask if you could bring a friend with you to your meeting, or maybe you could make it a more informal meeting in one of your uni's social spaces or coffee areas if you have them. Try to find strategies which will help you "dial down" the anxiety factors in this specific situation.

If you can identify what factors stress you most, tell him in the email and explain how they can be muted a bit - it will help both of you. Your tutor will want to find out what's going wrong for you and what can be done to help, so you need to be in a state where you can communicate this as effectively as possible. Once he realises there's a genuine problem and you weren't just slacking off, your tutor will be much more helpful.

Find your uni's Student Support function and ask them for some kind of help with the general problem (again, explaining by email if that would be easier). I went to my uni's counsellor when I hit a crisis with my research and I found it a very helpful exercise. Unlike the NHS there's rarely a long waiting time to see someone, plus they completely understand the specific types of stresses involved with uni life and studying and understand that this won't the same as "ordinary" life.

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