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Am I going crazy or just surrounded by idiots watch

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    I am currently at a small university college that is bloody terrible! I feel like the inhabitants of the whole establishment are idiots! Both staff and students. They are either academically inept and socially sound, socially inept and academically ok or in some unfortunate cases both academically and socially stupid.

    I feel bad for staying that. However I feel like I'm a very level headed and nice guy but being in this university is slowing rotting away at me and driving me to a be seriously unhappy. I was lucky enough to go to a very good school and get a good education and feel like I've messed up by coming to my current uni. The organisation is jsust terrible, with course leaders leaving suddenly, courses being rewritten midway through the year and I am lucky if I get the results back for my work and any chance of getting feedback to improve and grow my academic performance is non-existent. Despite this I am doing ok academically, I am too of my year repeatedly getting the highest marks in exams and coursework. As a result I am transferring and repeating second year at a different uni at the end of the academic year. The thing is I knew all of this last year and made enquires to leave but for some blind reason I stupidly decided to stay. I managed to get halfway through this year ok but after January it all hit me again and about three times worse!

    Now I feel uninterested , detached, have manic/racing/ reoccurring thoughts permenatley I've also lost interest in a lot of things and at the worst times i lose my appetites for days. I previously have had bad struggle with OCD and feel that I am very vulnerable to mental illness, although I feel this is the worst it's ever been.. I'm having a hard time forgiving myself of deciding to stay at this hell of a university and feel I've screwed my whole university experience up! I can't go to student services for help because when I say everyone are idiots I mean EVERYONE.

    I convinced myself that I would be happy once I had an offer to transfer, but now I have I don't fell any happier. I am now trying to convince myself that once i leave and start my new uniI I will be happy but I know deep down this probably won't be the case. If I could have dropped out by now I would have but my offer is conditional on succeful completion of the year.

    I just want to be normal again, what should I do?. Thanks if I'm lucky enough to get nah repossess, however I feel like just a rotting t this has made me somewhat happier

    If it's really the uni, then you'll feel better in the new one and it will sort itself out, try not to influence yourself before you get there so you can start it as positively as possible!
    Are you enjoying what your studying, I mean is it a topic that actually interests you?
    If it doesn't get better when you get to your new establishement, try getting some help from maybe a councellor or something so that you can start enjoying your studies again
    good luck!
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