Psychology Unit one AS 'a' prediction from LOOPA

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My Psya1 Predictions For May 2015

Theres 5 main essay questions I would personally focus and keep an eye out for with some more likely than others based on my predictions.

  • The multi-store memory model is long over-due according to this table last turning up in January 2012. One to watch and the front-runner in my eyes.
  • The working memory model hasn’t come up as a proper 12 marker in a while although has made an appearance every year as a 4 marker, 6 marker and even an 8 marker for 5 consecutive papers. Its possible too but less likely than the Multi-store memory model in my opinion.
  • How research into attachment has influenced childcare practices – Its only ever come up as a 4 marker and although I’m not entirely convinced it can be a 12 marker (due to lack of material) I would keep an eye out for this.
  • The impact of daycare (on either aggression or peer relations)

Outside chance:

  • Disruption of attachment (I would bet institutional is more likely than privation).

Smaller questions that could come up as 6-8 markers:

  • Bowlby’s theory of attachment – hasn’t come up bigger than a 4 marker since June 2012 – It has come up as a 8 marker and 6 marker prior with a long gap since the last paper so I would bet its overdue an appearance, either as a 6 or 8 marker.
  • Expect a question on types of attachment such as secure, insecure and avoidant – brush up on these definitions.

So these are my Psya1 May 2015 predictions. As always – revise everything just to be safe and don’t solely count on these as they could be way off too.
My Psya2 predictions will come next week with my A2 ones following after that – spread the word.
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can this apply to the new spec ?

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