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I was wondering if anyone could clarify how to answer some exam questions. How would you answer the question 'Examine the problem of suffering and the key characteristics of one or more solutions.'

I have no idea what the word 'examine' means? I've looked up past papers and it doesn't really clarify any specific answers. Do you really have to explain the Augustinian and Irenaen theodicy and then look at strengths and weaknesses of both? Or do you just have to explain them in detail and the main differences?

Also, i was wondering how to answer the 9 mark questions. It often seems like you are asked an annoyingly similar question to the 21 mark question so you end up just repeating yourself?? any help would be extremely appreciated because the exam is very close. If anyone had perfect answers to some 9 mark questions on things like design argument, problem of evil and cosmo argument that would be amazing.

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