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What is wrong with my car, head gasket ? watch

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    My new car was ovetheating badly, basically the temp on the gauge was off the scale. Check coolant and that was empty also. On one occasion of pouring in coolant I heard the engine guzzling the coolant? It wasnt leaking when I first loojed, no liquid under csr or bonnet area.

    Having looked under the hood a few days later I was taking the thetmostat off to test that, was working fine, I then noticed small crack in thetmostat housing and saw a little water leaking from there.

    I replaced thetmostat housing and that controlled coolant , not loosing coolant anymore, however it is very high pressure in cooling housing and Im wondering if that same pressure cracked thetmostat housing thingy?

    Could it be the head gasket or something else?

    My car is NOT

    Not loosing water
    Not ovetheating
    Not blowing smoke exhaust
    No powrr loss

    But high pressure in system and sonething cravked thermostat housing ??

    It's a pressurised system, which allows the coolant to operate at a higher temperature without evaporating. I highly doubt that the pressure could get high enough to crack a casting, but in any case you're more likely to get a hose joint leaking before cracking the thermostat housing. Vibration or over-tightening would be more likely culprits.

    There are plenty of guides to troubleshooting a cooling system online, I'd suggest your first steps are to work out whether or not you have coolant circulating (does the top hose get hot?), whether your fans are working and check your radiator is in decent condition and hasn't had most of the fins stoved in. Replacing the rad cap and thermostat are cheap options as well, if you'd rather change bits.

    I'm assuming you've not actually measured the coolant pressure when you talk about it being high pressure, which suggests you're dismantling the system with the coolant still hot. I'd recommend against that and at the very least make sure you take the rad cap off first or you run the risk of getting very badly scalded. If the rad cap won't come off don't try and force it, that means the pressure inside is still very high!

    take the oil filler cap off, any mayonnaise-y creamy like stuff in the cap / in the oil? condensation on the cap? steam coming out of the block when warm?

    any missfiring, steamy exhaust?

    if the signs don't point towards the head gasket, expansion chamber / radiator caps are the first to change as they're cheap and often fail. Beyond that, if it is a leak as opposed to a mechanical failure then the easiest way is a uv dye in the coolant and uv light to see where it's splurting out.


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